"Aqua 7 Rescue has been presenting rescue operation training using personal watercrafts for over 25 years. Personal watercrafts are a phenomenal rescue tool as they provide no moving parts outside the craft. The trained operator can get right alongside the victim in the water while exhibiting no danger to the victim.

The weak links of personal watercrafts are the fiberglass hull and instability. The AlumaPro has all the good points of all personal watercrafts along with a wide aluminum hull. This gives the craft amazing stability and keeps working after hard impacts with rocks, bridge pillars, pilings, it can be dragged over rocks, partially submerged trees and keep working with little to no damage.

The AlumaPro is the first Rescue Watercraft sold that is built from the ground up to be a tough, highly maneuverable, amazing power and can withstand impacts with solid objects and keep working to perform the rescue it has responded to. No other craft on the market today has these fine qualities wrapped up into one specialized built craft.

Aqua 7 Rescue is proud to be teamed up with AlumaPro to both promote to and train agencies in their amazing capabilities."

​-Tony Hargett, Aqua 7 Rescue- 


"The AlumaSki has proven to be a valuable asset for quick response and navigating through difficult areas. 

We originally had inflatable boat that was damaged frequently due to very rocky areas. This led us to search for a more robust water craft that could handle the unavoidable hits on rocks and other obstructions. 

With over 20 calls annually on the Shenandoah and Potomac River, the durability has been nothing short of amazing. 

The rescue specific design changes from the recreational Alumaski incorporated into the AlumaPro RWC promise to add a valuable water craft to the rescuer's assets."                

-John Bishop,  Bakerton Fire Department-